About Informing Arts

Strategy + coaching + proven practices to improve client outcomes.

Clients engage us when stuck at a key inflection point. Revenue growth has stalled. Metrics for customer traction are in the “red zone.” Often these business challenges are caused by underlying strategic issues: problem-solution fit or product-market fit mismatches.

How We Help Marketing Leaders

Strategies and insights that affect revenue performance:

  • opportunity analysis and “sweet spot” identification
  • needs-based segmentation and market analysis
  • customer discovery, buyer persona research
  • content strategy — matching buyer needs to required content assets
  • go-to-market strategies

We also offer hands-on marketing services for select clients. As a recent example: research and content creation for a series of white papers and case studies for a B2B European client.

How We Help CEOs and Entrepreneurs

We also offer “business model prototyping” and value proposition design services to:

  • revitalize a stalled business model
  • design new revenue streams or pinpoint new market opportunities
  • identify what it will take to deliver a new customer value proposition
  • facilitate executive conversations and strategy offsites

We offer more than 20 years’ experience helping leadership teams reach a shared strategic vision, define the strategic pillars for execution, and begin the process of alignment.

How We Work

We provide customized services and deliverables for each client engagement.

To deliver better outcomes, faster, we leverage an extensive set of frameworks, templates and best practices. This enables us to accelerate the time from discovery to solution, team buy-in and execution.