About Informing Arts

Strategy, execu­tive coaching, proven practices, client results.

For High-​​tech Clients

Informing Arts advises entre­pre­neurs, CEOs and market­ing execs.

Clients engage us when facing a key inflec­tion point, or seeking a seasoned profes­sional who knows how to accel­er­ate their path to the outcomes they seek.

Our firm serves emerging enter­prises and mid-​​market firms, as well as innova­tion centers of large enter­prises that want to adapt leading entre­pre­neur­ial practices.

What We Do

For Marketing Leaders

Our practice focuses on the strate­gic levers that affect revenue performance:

  • oppor­tu­nity analysis and “sweet spot” identification
  • needs-​​based segmen­ta­tion and market analysis
  • customer discov­ery, buyer personas
  • value propo­si­tion innovation
  • content strategy — matching buyer needs for each stage of the buying cycle
  • go-​​to-​​market strategies

For CEOs and Entrepreneurs

We also offer “business model proto­typ­ing” workshops to:

  • revital­ize a stalled business model
  • envision entirely new revenue streams or market opportunities
  • identify what it will take to deliver a new customer value proposition

We facil­i­tate execu­tive conver­sa­tions, fast-​​track planning projects, and strategy offsites.

We know what it takes to align leader­ship teams around a shared strate­gic vision, with smart strate­gies designed for execution.

Although we customize for each situa­tion, we draw upon an exten­sive set of frame­works, templates and best practices to accel­er­ate the time from discov­ery to solution, team buy-​​in and execution.