Who We Are

Informing Arts is a strate­gic market­ing and consult­ing firm that helps mid-​​market and emerging enter­prises develop produc­tive strate­gies to grow revenues and differ­en­ti­ate their offer­ings. We provide consult­ing services to CEOs, business leaders and market­ing executives.

Informing Arts is led by Christine Thompson, a former Apple market­ing execu­tive and seasoned strategy consul­tant. The firm is based in greater Seattle and has been serving clients since 1990.

Why Informing Arts

We coach clients on faster and better ways to grow their business, adapting concepts and processes from agile innova­tion and the lean startup movement.

We also help clients under­stand their buyers’ journeys and apply buyer insights to drive customer-​​centered content market­ing strategies.

We have the experi­ence and exper­tise to help clients build a faster path to sustain­able results.