Consultancy for Digital Innovators

Informing Arts is a strategy and market­ing consult­ing firm for mid-​​market and aspiring enter­prises. We serve digital innova­tors, helping them create value faster by lever­ag­ing our years of experi­ence working at the vortex of market­ing and technology.

We’re growth catalysts: we coach tech firms so they can craft innov­a­tive, action­able strate­gies designed to grow revenues, differ­en­ti­ate their offer­ings and acquire the right customers. Our clients are CEOs, business leaders and market­ing executives.

We also mentor a hand-​​picked set of entre­pre­neurs through a B2B technol­ogy startup incuba­tor in Seattle.

Informing Arts is led by Christine Thompson, a former Apple market­ing execu­tive, computer industry pioneer, and seasoned strategy consultant.

Why Informing Arts

We coach clients on smarter ways to grow their business, adapting concepts and processes from agile, outcome-​​driven innova­tion and the lean startup community.

We coach clients on how to uncover consumer insights or buyer journeys and then apply those insights to produce more compelling, buyer-​​centered content market­ing and value propo­si­tions. (We can also provide hands-​​on help when in-​​house resources are constrained.)

We have the experi­ence and exper­tise to help digital innova­tors and their market­ing teams blaze a faster path to sustain­able results.