We’ve been helping Northwest companies clarify strategic directions, and choose their most attractive growth opportunities for 20+ years. We provide research, marketing and strategy services so technology firms can deliver better outcomes based on what truly matters to their ideal customers.

Thanks to a rich background in technology marketing, product management and marketing leadership at Apple and Adobe, our recommendations are insightful, relevant and actionable. We understand how to translate strategic insights into effective execution, at emerging firms as well as larger enterprises.

We focus on the burning questions that are critical to driving growth. (See capabilities.)

The Power of Asking the Right Questions

Do you know who your ideal customers are, or the business reasons that cause them to start looking for solutions like yours? Do you understand their needs and priorities, how they evaluate their alternatives? Have you researched your most important buyer roles, and the differences in their buying journey?

How confident are you that your business model will deliver the offers and value propositions that your ideal buyers find most compelling? Are you paying attention to critical changes in buyer behavior, product consumption, technology breakthroughs or payment models?

Do your people know how to ask the right questions? Formulate hypotheses, test and validate the make-or-break assumptions?

Is your Board satisfied with the results of your revenue engine? If not, give us a call.

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