Who We Are

Informing Arts is a strate­gic market­ing and consult­ing firm that helps mid-​​market and emerging enter­prises develop produc­tive strate­gies to grow revenues and differ­en­ti­ate their offer­ings. We provide consult­ing services to CEOs, business leaders and market­ing executives.

Informing Arts is led by Christine Thompson, a former Apple market­ing execu­tive and seasoned strategy consul­tant. The firm is based in greater Seattle and has been serving clients since 1990.

Why Informing Arts

We believe conven­tional strate­gic planning processes are, more often than not, a waste of people’s time and company resources. We’re not alone in feeling this way. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review notes that most managers are frustrated: “strate­gic planning does not produce novel strate­gies. Instead, it perpet­u­ates the status quo.”

Meanwhile, investors punish compa­nies that fail to innovate or meet expec­ta­tions for growth. Today’s execu­tives need smart ways to find and strate­gize new oppor­tu­ni­ties, develop compelling offers, attract the right customers, and serve those customers profitably through­out their life cycle.

Conventional strate­gic planning is broken. There’s gotta be a better way.

We’re working with clients on faster and better ways to develop growth strate­gies, lever­ag­ing concepts and processes borrowed from agile innova­tion and the lean startup movement. We see an emerging toolkit of best practices and frame­works that clients can adapt to stream­line strate­gic planning and deliver superior results.

That said, crafting a brilliant strategy is not enough; it must be put into action. When it comes to execu­tion, we see real promise in the new market­ing technolo­gies. Properly deployed, these capabil­i­ties enable compa­nies to outper­form conven­tional lead-​​to-​​revenue cycles and customer engage­ment practices — a 21st century approach to aligning strategy and tactics.