Informing Arts helps client compa­nies uncover practi­cal ways to drive a step change in their growth trajectory.

Unlike tradi­tional strategy firms, we offer a refresh­ing approach to strategy development.

Traditional strategy often fails to yield the desired outcomes, especially in turbu­lent times. We advocate lean start-​​up, evidence-​​based methods and entre­pre­neur­ial frame­works like the business model canvas — no more elabo­rate plans that prevent compa­nies from seeing or respond­ing to unexpected market changes.

Our princi­pal consul­tant learned to “think differ­ent” at Apple.

Are you growing at the right pace?

Does your exec team sense your products and services no longer resonate with customers? Do you know why?

Is your business model out-​​of-​​touch with changing market dynamics? Did last year’s strate­gic planning process deliver the hoped-​​for results? Are you placing big bets, based on untested or even uncon­scious assumptions?

Do your people know how to ask the right questions? Formulate and validate the make-​​or-​​break assump­tions that drive or stall growth?

Is your Board satis­fied with the results of your revenue engine?

If not, give us a call. Let’s explore how you can get back on the path toward more sustain­able growth.